Saturday, 6 May 2017

Ramadan 2017 Australia - Ramadan Prayers Timetable 2017 in Australia

When is Ramadan in Australia?

IN SHA ALLAH, in Australia 1st Ramadan 2017 is expected on 27th May evening and the first fasting day of Ramadan 1438 Hijri will be Sunday on 28th of the May. For some of the communities like Lebanese and Turkish communities that strictly follows Saudi Arabia for Hijri dates Ramadan Mubarak 1439 first day will be on 27th of the May 2047. And its look like Ramadan 2017 month will end on Sunday June 25th in all over the Australia.

Ramadan Calendar 2017 Australia with Suhoor and Iftar Times

For downloading Australia's Ramadan 2017 Timetable right click on the image and select save image as to get this calendar in to your mobile computer or Tablet deceive with high quality and resolution.

Date of Ramadan Mubarak varies every year and depending of geographical position.
The holy month of Ramadan which is also known as Ramazan or Ramzan stand for the month of fasting that almighty Allah imposed on Muslims who have ability and courage to fast.

 This holy month of Ramadan is usually of 30 or 29 days having many meanings. It taught us about the obedience to God (ALLAH).

Ramadan Kareem is the only month of fasting in twelve months of a year according to Islam. It is advisable to get up at dawn (before sunrise) and to eat with responsibility and fast until sunset.  During fasting drinking eating or smoking or even having sex with your wife is not allowed.

Bad thoughts are also forbidden during this holy month or to speak ill. We should and must be most charitable towards poor and needy Muslims. The fast breaks traditionally at maghrib with few dates or with a glass of water.

During this holy month of Ramadan attendance increase significantly. One night of Ramadan Mubarak is equal to the destiny which as our great Lord says is equal ant to 1000 months and hold within it an immense.

In this holy month of Ramadan Muslims are encouraged to enter a spiritual retreat (Itikaf) in the mosques on the occasion of the last ten days during which the night of destiny (laylat al qadar) hides.

However, the blessed month of Ramadan is not only a physical derivation but an opportunity to perform many acts of worship.

Ramadan 2017 in the whole World

In Sweden summer days can last particularly long and the sun does not seem to lie down. It is in these conditions that fatwas established that it was possible either to model the fast on the sunrise and sunset times from the most northerly point of the country or on schedules of Mecca or on the schedules of the nearest Muslim countries.

In France 70% of the Muslims would practice fasting during Ramadan 2017. this percentage has risen significantly since 1989 when they were 60% to practice it.

In China the chines authorities tried to ban fasting last year Xinjiang region for Muslims.
In the Unites States and United Kingdom there is new and a very popular trend and also a very great initiative to open mosques to non-Muslims during Ramadan n order to share the the blessing of Ramadan Kareem.


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