Saturday, 29 April 2017

Ramadan 2017 Inida - Ramadan Calendar Timetable in India 2017

When is Ramadan Mubarak 2017 in India?

IN SHA ALLAH, in India the very first  Ramadan 2017 will be observe on Sunday 28th of the May. Moon crescent of Ramadan 1438 Hijri can easily be seen with naked eyes at the evening of 27 May 2017 in all over the India if the weather in India remains clear. It is also expected that Hijri Committee of India will observe 1st day of Ramadan Mubarak 2017 on Saturday 27th May because of little low chances of visibility in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Ramadan Timetable (Calendar) 2017 India with Sahri and Iftar Timing

Ramadan Timetable (Calendar) 2017 India with Sahri and Iftar Timing

To download Ramadan Calendar 2017 for India select save image as after right clicking on the following image to save calendar in to your deceive with high quality results.

Ramadan Calendar 2017 For India with Timetable

Ramadan Calendar 2017 For India with Timetable

When does Ramadan Mubarak start in India in 2017

People of India will see the first day of Ramadan 2017 according to their Hijri Committee of India and by local sighting of moon crescent. It is highly recommended that you should get in touch with your local mosque to ensure when will be the first Ramadan 2017 in your area and you should double check the prayer and the timing of Sehr and Iftar.

About Ramazan Month

Islam is the 2nd largest religion of India having almost 172 million of Muslims which makes 15% of the entire Indian population. Ramadan Mubarak is also known as Ramazan or Ramzan or Ramdhan in India and also in some other countries. Muslims from all over the world fast during daen and sunset. Muslims don't eat or drink any kind of thing during fast. Ramadan is the name of ninth month of Islamic calendar. Holy Quran wast send down by the almighty God to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Ramadan. We should take a great care while speaking with each other in Ramadan Mubarak especially during fast. Ramadan is the best time to think that why Almighty God created all of us and to remember all good things we have been provided. With the help of Ramadan we can understand the condition of those people who did not have any thing to have. So it tells us to help that poor and needy peoples. We learn to be patient and how to control our self and our body and think. During this holy Month of Ramadan Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said
"The door of heaven are open and the doors of the hell are close and the devils are chained."


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